Marks% Above 90% 80% 70% 60% 50%
SRM-GEST Scholarship % 75% 50% 30% 25% 20%

SRM Gateway Eligibility Scholarship Test [GEST] is a scholarship exam that gives students an opportunity to win scholarship upto 90% on course fee and get admission into SRM-GEST helps students to start their Journey to success with SRM by empowering and enabling them to utilize its quality test preparatory services


Stop Not Until You Reach The Goal , GEST is here to Fuel Your Learning Thirst

Your Educational Vision is our Mission

SRM - GEST is an economical support of student

Take test @ Major centers in Tamilnadu and avail your scholarship

Upcoming SRM GEST Will Be Conducted On April 2020.
For Detail Contact : 9600191919

Medical / Engineering / Foundation

  • Our scholarship is based on the Percentage in your Board Exam.
  • For 11th & 12th studying -10th Board Marks will be Considered.
  • For 12th Pass- 12th Board Marks will be considered.
  • Also Based on SRM Gateway scholarship test.

To Avail The Scholarship: Carry a Copy of your 10th Marksheet

Category Criteria Scholarship%
Single Parent/ Divorcee This Scholarship on Tuition fee will be given to those students who have lost their father and their mother is the only single earning member in the family. Proper application and proof in this regard will have to be submitted by the mother. This benefit will be given to the wards of Female Divorcee also (Attach Proof). 10%
Sibling This Scholarship on tuition fee will be given to those students (sibling) whose brother or sister is currently studying in classroom course with us. In this case, Scholarship will be given to the student who taking admission and not to the student already in SRM Gateway. However, in case, if two brother/sister take admission together at the same time, then both will get this benefit. 10%
Defence/ Police This Scholarship on Tuition fees will be given to the ward of various Defence Personnel and Police personnel who are currently in service.(Attach proof) 10%
Martyr This scholarship on tuition fee will be given to those students who have lost their father/mother during their service either in War, Counter Insurgency Operations or Govt. operations. (Attach Proof) 10%